Utah Heritage Garden at Ensign Elementary School

Location: Ensign Elementary School, 12th Avenue and L Street, Salt Lake City

Contact Person: Ann Kelsey (801-581-6520, Work; kelsey@umnh.utah.edu)

Ensign School has a large natural area (formerly a gravel quarry) just to the north of the school. Twenty years ago, when the school was first built, the hill was stabilized using many native shrubs and trees as well as some exotics, especially perennial grasses. Fine specimens of cliffrose and curlleaf mountain mahogany can be seen there. In fall 1999 we added a planting of native grasses, wildflowers, and shrubs in a formal Heritage Garden design in the area surrounding the junction of the two main trails. We hope to increase the size and diversity of this garden every year, until the whole hillside and the associated seep are adorned with native plant communities.

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