Heritage gardens

Utah Heritage Garden at Price

Location: Price City Utah Heritage Garden, 46 East 300 South, Price

Please contact unps@unps.org if you would like to help oversee the maintenaince of this garden and serve as a contact.

This 6,000-square-foot (!) garden was planted in the spring of 2000. It incorporated five native plant community ecological types: Grasses, Desert Garden, Penstemon Garden, Mountain Garden and Sagebrush Flat. Mike Hubbard, former Price Chapter President, organized the project. Design and implementation was helped by technical assistance from the experienced members of the Utah Valley Chapter. Price chapter members and citizens planted the garden. Price City provided the land and financial support for drip irrigation. Plants (1500 of them, many donated) were produced by a variety of people and organizations: UNPS members, USDA Forest Service Shrub Lab in Provo, Thanksgiving Point Production Greenhouses, The Center for Greenhouses, Wasatch Elementary School in Provo (home to the first Heritage Garden), and the City of Price. UNPS will help with signage and interpretive pamphlets.