Utah Heritage Garden at Rock Canyon Trailhead

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The Rock Canyon garden site was covered with exotic grass, with a sprinkling of native flowers such as Utah Sweetvetch and Utah ladyfinger milkvetch. We salvaged these native plants before eliminating the grass, held them in pots for few weeks, then planted them back into the garden.
Garden designer Kaylynn Thyrgerson with her garden-to-be.
Provo City Parks and Recreation donated landscape rocks for the project and the heavy equipment to move them around. Kaylynn supervised their placement.
Once the rocks were in place, the next step was building the path system and mulching the paths with composted bark mulch, also provided by Provo City Parks and Rec.
Many of the plants for the garden were grown by participants in UNPS-sponsored propagation workshops. Workshop leader Susan Meyer is shown here with some of the donated plants.
The garden was planted in May 1999, on Rock Canyon Nature Day, an event co-sponsored by UNPS and the Celebrating Wildflowers Program (local hosts, Uinta National Forest and the USFS Shrub Sciences Laboratory), with the help of several dozen volunteers.
Planting was a slow process involving the careful use of a variety of handtools. Volunteers found out that day exactly why the place is called Rock Canyon.
The garden was watered and weeded lovingly all summer by chapter members. We should be rewarded for our efforts with beautiful flowers in Spring 2000.