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Arctomecon humilis from UNPS 1988 filmstrip To Save A Species

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Sep 19, 2009
Southwestern Chapter Annual Fall Native Plant Sale featuring Janett Warner of Wildland Nursery. Location: Bit and Spur Restaurant in Springdale, Utah. Barbara Farnsworth
Phone: 435-772-0525
Sep 14, 2009
Southwestern Chapter meeting: Landscaping & Water Conservation presentation by Tim McAlmond, botanist and owner of Shadow Farms Native Plant Nursery. Tim will demonstrate the best methods of using a drip system landscaping plan for native plants. Location: Canyon Community Center, 126 Lion Blvd, Springdale, UT Barbara Farnsworth
Phone: 435-772-0525

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Barbara Farnsworth

Organized January 2001
County covered by this chapter: Washington

Past president: Margaret Malm (1928-2014)
See page 9 in the Nov 2014-Jan 2015 Sego Lily newsletter

Washington County's Endangered Plants
Zion National Park - What's up and blooming?
(2008 archive)

Organizing Minutes

Meeting held January 18, 2001
Washington County Library, Hurricane Branch

Meeting was called to order by Mike Empey at 6:30 pm.

Mike made the following announcements:

1) Susan Meyer, head of the Utah Native Plant Society has requested that we
have a representative from our chapter.  Margaret Malm. has volunteered to 
be our representative.

2) Three Heritage Garden sites have been selected where native plant
species will be planted for the purpose of education and public viewing.
A. Three Falls Elementary in Hurricane will feature a Mojave Desert type of 
garden.  Rebecca Fawson will assist as local coordinator.
B. Springdale Elementary will feature a Colorado Plateau garden.
C. Near Oak Grove road another site has been selected where some native 
plants already exist.  This will be a Basin and Range garden.

3) Activities the Society will be participating in include:
Saturday January 20, 9:30am-12 noon, Zion Partners will be removing tumble 
weed in ZNP.
Saturday February 3, 9am-11:30, Susan Meyer will conduct a workshop 
demonstrating planting and propagating Native Plants.  This will be held at 
the ZNP Greenhouse and the fee will be $5 per person.

Dr. William Reid was the guest speaker.  He spoke on native plant species 
and habitat.

Those in attendance included:
Kavarra Corr
Mike Empey
Colleen Empey
Janet Clements
Rebecca Fawson
Margaret Malm
Wes Larsen
Lois Larsen
Glen Lee
Denise Louie
Anton Gehring
Rick Heflebower
Bill Reid
Meeting adjourned at 8pm.

(minutes taken/submitted by Rick Heflebower)