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Noxious Weed Field Guilde for Utah. Cache County Weed Department, (435) 716-8342.

UNPS Articles
(listed chronologically)
Mooney, Harold A. "Passport, please: A global strategy to curb invasive species" Sego Lily, Mar/Apr 2001, pp. 1-2.
Meyer, T. "Why Weeds are Weedy: Invasive plant study by University of Montana Researchers." Sego Lily, Nov/Dec 2000, p. 7.
(study shows Centaurea diffusa, diffuse knapweed, releases toxic substances, i.e is allelopathic)
Garvin, Susan. "Wacky Weed Warriors on the Warpath." Sego Lily, Sep/Oct 2000, pp. 2-4.
(Wanted dead not alive: the noxious weed Centaurea solstitialis aka Yellow starthistle)
"Stop the Russian-Olive Invasion. " Sego Lily, Nov/Dec 1995, p. 5.
(urges the public to ask local nurseries to stop selling russian-olives, to landscape responsibly, educate others, etc.; from a brochure produced by the City of Boulder Open Space Department)
Meyer, Therese. "Dyers Woad on the Hit List." Sego Lily, Sep/Oct 1995, p. 4.
(plea to hikers by Ogden Ranger District to help eradicate Isatis tinctoria)
Asay, Kay and Jerry Chatterton, Howard Horton, Kevin Jensen, Tom Jones and Melvin Rumbaugh. "The New Range War: Native vs. Introduced Species." Sego Lily, May/June 1993, pp. 2-4.
Menke, John W. "Grazing and Fire Management for Native Perennial Grass Restoration in California Grasslands." Sego Lily, July/Aug 1992, pp. 7-9.
Poulson, Pamela M. "A Look at 20th Century Grazing Practices." Sego Lily, Nov/Dec 1990, pp. 2-3.
Tucker, Richard. "The Myths of Knapweed." Sego Lily, Nov/Dec 1990, pp. 7-8.
(grassland invasion by Centaurea repens)
Carlson, John D. "Those Were the Days." Sego Lily, July/Aug 1990, pp. 5-9. (range/grassland/grazing issues)
"Aliens: Halogeton glomeratus." Sego Lily, Nov/Dec 1989, p. 11.
(excerpt from Stan Welsh in A Utah Flora)
Varga, William A. and John O. Evans. "Dyer's Woad: From Cultivated to Cursed." Sego Lily, Sept/Oct 1989, p. 9.
(Isatis tinctoria)
Mack, Richard N. "Invaders at Home on the Range." Sego Lily, June 1989, pp 9-13.
Lawrence, Ronald D. "Aliens." Sego Lily, April 1989, pp. 7-10.
Barkworth, Mary E. "Bur Buttercup." Sego Lily, May 1989, pp. 10-11.

(listed alphabetically)
NBII: Invasive Species
New York Botanical Graden Catalog of Invasive Plant Species of the United States
Plant Conservation Alliance: Weeds Gone Wild, Alien Plant Invaders of Natural Areas
USGS: Southwest Exotic Plant Mapping Program
Utah Bureau of Land Management: Partners Against Noxious Weeds
Utah Noxious Weed Act
Utah Department of Transportation: Unwanted Weeds
USU Extension: The Weed Web
Weber County Weed Abatement: Utah's 17 Most Noxious Weeds
Wildland Invasive Species Program (The Nature Conservancy)

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