Cyberflora Plants of the Central Wasatch Front
by William R. Gray
available thru the Utah Native Plant Society

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The flora of the Wasatch Front is amazingly diverse, with over 1200 species encountered in Salt Lake and Davis Counties. Over the past several years Bill Gray has been photographing them and linking the pictures to text from the classic, but out-of-print, Flora of the Central Wasatch Front, Utah by Lois Arnow, Beverly Albee and Ann Wyckoff.

Approximately 2500 photographs are combined with text on a CD-ROM, which can be used with either Macintosh or PC computers. All of the original technical keys, descriptions and glossary are included. For the layperson, a set of informal descriptions has been written, and a non-technical key for identifying plants has been created.

Proceeds help local and national conservation organizations.

PC: Windows 95 or later, 22 MB available hard drive space

Macintosh: OS 7.1 or later, 22 MB available hard drive space

Reprint (with permission) from the Spring 2003 edition of College of Science NOTEBOOK (a publication of the University of Utah College of Science,

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