Penstemons: an interactive guide with photos
by William R. Gray
available thru the Utah Native Plant Society

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Penstemons are wonderful flowers in the wild, and in the garden - ranging from 2 inch high creepers to 7 foot giants, in shades of blue, red and white. Most of them are drought tolerant, so do well in our climate. They occur only in North America, and Utah is the richest of any State - about 70 of the 280 species are native here. A whole society (the American Penstemon Society, APS) was created for their study and culture.

In collaboration with the APS Bill Gray has created a photographic CD along the lines of his "Wasatch Flora" as a companion to an APS book produced by Dale Lindgren and Ellen Wilde. There are about 800 photographs of 222 species and many cultivars, along with descriptions, cultural notes, distribution maps, etc. Users can add their own photos and notes, or print a photo with description.

The interactive programs are compatible with both Macintosh (OS 8 and later) and Windows (98 and later). They require a minimum of about 20-25 megabytes of RAM.

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