Wasatch School Heritage Garden Scrapbook

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Early April 1998 - Bitsy Schultz erects a provisional sign on garden site at Wasatch Elementary School in Provo.
Early April 1998 - Phil Allen treats the lawn with glyphosate herbicide as the first step in preparation of the garden site.
Arbor Day 1998 - Susan Meyer and Darrin Johnson speak at Heritage Garden groundbreaking event attended by all the students and teachers at Wasatch Elementary School.
Arbor Day 1998 - The first plant to be placed in the garden is lifted out of its pot--a handsome young pinyon pine from Wildland Nursery.
Arbor Day 1998 - Arbor Day Poster Contest winners at the school enjoy the privilege of planting the young tree.
Arbor Day 1998 - As part of the festivities, students bring the rocks they have collected to contribute toward the rock mulch that will help conserve water in the garden.
Early May 1998 - After the bluegrass lawn has yielded to treatment, a tougher enemy, field bindweed, pops up everywhere, and has to be controlled by hand-digging.
Early May 1998 - Bindweed diggers Susan Garvin and Bitsy Schultz race Earl Hansen of the BYU Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, who has come to till the garden site.
Mid-May 1998 - Paths that are part of the garden design are laid out on the freshly tilled ground using brightly colored flagging.
Mid-May 1998 - Bitsy Schultz, garden designer, pauses for a portrait as she finishes up the path layout.
Mid May 1998 - Heidi Johnson helps dig out paths by shovelling the loose soil into the garden beds.
Mid-May 1998 - Landscaping rocks donated by Seven Peaks are moved into place by Earl Hansen.
Mid-May 1998 - Frank Williams of the BYU Department of Agronomy and Horticulture supervises the placement of a large rock at the garden's south entrance.
Late May 1998 - Chapter members Randall Nish, Mike Kennard, Susan Garvin, and Bitsy Schultz work on burying twelve -inch edging designed to keep the lawn from reinvading.
Late May 1998 - Composted bark mulch from the Provo city composting facility is spread over weed mat on the paths to keep weeds down and make a comfortable walking surface.
Late May 1998 - Chapter members and students and parents from the school worked together to spread the bark mulch.
Late May 1998 - Chapter member Kim Despain hooks a chain on a stump left after pfitzers were removed by lopping and sawing.
Late May 1998 - Kim attached the chain to the axle of his pickup, and used truck power to remove the stump.
Late May 1998 - Luke Kennard helps with clean-up after the path-mulching and pfitzer-rassling party.
Early June 1998 - Planting stock at the USDA Forest Service Shrub Sciences Laboratory, awaiting transport to the garden site.
Early June 1998 - Over thirty people, including chapter members, students, teachers, and parents from the school, and people from the community, helped on planting day.
Early June 1998 - Most of the plants were in tube containers, which required considerable skill to remove, but young and old alike did a good job.
Early June 1998 - Susan Garvin's daugheter Jessica helps with pot round-up.
Early June 1998 - Randall Nish planting gallon stock under the Potowotomi plums (a central North American native already present on the garden site) in the mountain garden.
August 1998 - Most of the 2,000 plants survived, and many, such as the blazing star in the Sunloving Shrubs section of the garden, flowered the first year.
August 1998 - Rock mulching continued all summer , with contributions from many quarters. Notice the shade from the flowering crabapple in the upper lefthand corner.
October 1998- Plants in the desert rock garden languished all summer in the shade of the flowering crabapple, and the major crabapple pick-up job that fall clinched the decision--the tree had to go. Provo City donated staff and equipment for the job.
October 1998 - Provo City foresters deliver the final blows to the flowering crabapple --they did a very careful job, and did not damage any of the dozens of plants under their feet. We decided to leave in the stump, to keep damage to a minimum.
April 1999 - Kathy Spencer, principal at Wasatch, kindly provided the resources to make beautiful wooden signs. Tracy Blair woodburned the Heritage Garden logo and lettering, while Darrin Johnson built the signs and led on installation.
April 1999 - Darrin Johnson and Susan Meyer with the new sign, about a year after the first tree was planted. Notice the great view of Mt. Timpanogos, visible from the garden.
April 1999 - Bitsy Schultz installs a drip irrigation system for the mountain garden, the only area of the garden that requires supplemental water.
April 1999 - A student uses one of the redwood benches built by Darrin Johnson for a quiet read in the garden.
April 1999 - Because of the late spring in 1999, there wasn't much in flower for the Open House, but Marcene Younker, shown here with then-chapter president Susan Garvin, was inspired to plant a Heritage Garden at the University of Utah.
April 1999 - At the Open House, carpenter Darrin Johnson shows Phil Allen some of the finer points of his bench design.
June 1999 - The garden was in beautiful flower all summer in 1999. Here Susan Meyer poses with the penstemons for an out-of-town photographer, Angie Evenden of the Montana NPS.