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UNPS feature articles (in some cases published exclusively here, or which may involve more complete versions of a Sego Lily or other article)
Utah Basilares (variety comparison table referenced in the Winter 2019 Sego Lily newsletter published Jan. 2019)
Utah Cyperus (full table; first published in the Jul-Aug 2016 Sego Lily)
To Sow or Not to Sow by John Stireman (as published in the WRGS newsletter of Feb. 2016)
Utah's Opuntias (First draft published March 2012; updated May 2013, June 2014, March 2016, Nov 2017, Oct 2018)
Penstemon grahamii (originally published Dec. 2008, updated through Oct. 2016)
Naturally occurring rare oak hybrids along the Central Wasatch Front provoke thought and respect (Nov. 2008)
Arctomecon humilis conservation history (2008-2018)
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