Utah Native Plant Society Membership (New or Renewal) Application

NOTE: this application is provided for your use only if you are going to be printing this form via your browser, filling it out by hand and mailing it with a check. If you would instead like to avoid that hassle, please go to our Store page where you can sign-up and pay securely by credit card.

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Would you like to receive the Sego Lily electronically? ___Yes____No
(by receiving the Sego Lily thru electronic access, more of your membership dues will be used to support our native plant programs)

Membership Category
__ Student
__ Senior
__ Individual
__ Household
__ Sustaining
__ Lifetime
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__ Supporting organization
__ Corporate
 $250 and up

Choose a Chapter Affiliation to Receive Chapter Mailings
__  Cache
__  Cedar City (Iron)
__  Escalante (Garfied)
__  Fremont (Sevier)
__  Manzanita (Kane)
__  Mountain (Wasatch and Summit Cos.)
__  Salt Lake
__  Southwestern (Washington)
__  Utah Valley

I would also like to donate $_______ to support the mission of UNPS (UNPS is a 501(c))(3) organization and donations are tax deductible).

Please print (click here to optionally put this form into a full screen before printing and then go back in your browser when done or simply choose "only the selected frame" in your printer dialog box) and fill out this form and mail it with your enclosed check for the appropriate membership category to:

UNPS Membership, P.O. Box 520041, Salt Lake City UT 84152-0041