Utah Heritage Garden at Wasatch School

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Wasatch Garden Scrapbook

Pictures - Garden in 1999, One Year after Planting

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View from the garden bench across the Sagebrush Flat to the street
Three species of paintbrush flowering with mountain big sagebrush in the Sagebrush Flat: From left to right: Indian paintbrush, yellow paintbrush, and autumn paintbrush
Sagebrush Flat in Year One (top photo) and Year Two (bottom photo)
Indian cabbage
Squirreltail grass
Wasatch penstemon
Penstemons in the Color Garden
Butterwort and Wasatch Penstemon
Showy goldeneye
Showy daisy
Leo penstemon, Indian ricegrass, and needle-and-thread grass in the Sunloving Shrubs section.
Dorr sage in flower in the desert rock garden
Desert four o'clock sets off the garden sign