A research journal published by the Utah Native Plant Society

Here is an excerpt from the inaugural edition published in December 2012 that describes the purpose of this journal:

"Hundreds of scientific journals already exist for the dissemination of research on botany and ecology (including several fine publications based in Utah and the west). Nonetheless, space and financial constraints prevent many useful papers from being published in first and second-tier journals, relegating such work to the gray literature. In June 2012, the board of the Utah Native Plant Society (UNPS) recognized the need for a peer-reviewed, electronic journal for unpublished gray-literature reports that pertain to Utah botany and vegetation. The board voted to establish an annual, technical journal that would complement its bimonthly member?s magazine, the Sego Lily. The objective of the new publication, named Calochortiana (?of or relating to Calochortus or Sego Lily?, the state floral emblem of Utah), is to provide a forum for professional and amateur scientists to share their findings on Utah botany and ecology with their colleagues. Calochortiana will focus primarily on monitoring or status surveys of rare species, seed propagation protocols, floristic checklists, genetic studies, vegetation mapping, natural history research, or other topics that might not otherwise be accepted in existing journals. All submissions will be peer-reviewed and the journal made available for free on the UNPS website. The journal is put together by an all-volunteer editorial board, though supported by UNPS. Readers, of course, are encouraged to show their appreciation by becoming members of UNPS!"

Issue no. 1 contents: (click to expand/collapse)

Pages 1 through 90 includes the cover, table of contents, an introduction and abstracts of papers and posters from the conference and the first seven papers:
Sivinski - SW Cienegas
Spence - ranking plant rarity
Fertig & Reynolds - Cedar Breaks
Meyer - seed bank dynamics
Anderson - rare Alliums
Krause - endemic plants of Colorado Plateau
Ballard - Ash Meadows NWR

Pages 91 thru 156 contains papers eight through 15:
Caicco - vulnerability to climate change of rare plants of NV Great Basin
Busco - Astragalus cremnophylax update
Fowler et al. - Packera franciscana and Erigeron mancus
Grant et al. - Population demographics of Penstemon harringtonii
Haskins and Murray - The Arboretum at Flagstaff
Shultz et al. - Digital Atlas of Utah Plants
Harrison et al. - Genetic diversity of Phacelia argillacea
Alexander - Taxonomic revision of Astragalus lentiginosus var. maricopae and A. lentiginosus var. ursinus

Pages 157-248 contains papers 16 thru 20:
Springer et al. - Ecology of Astragalus rusbyi
Springer et al. - Response of Penstemon clutei to root trenching and prescribed fire
Price et al. - Viva Physaria thamnophila
Fehlberg and Ferguson - Intraspecific cytotype variation in Phlox
Fertig - Prioritizing plant species for conservation in Utah, UNPS rare plant list